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Last week, Devon Govett, the creator of Parcel.js, tweeted… I don’t understand the “things were better in the late 2000s” school of web development thinking going around lately. Maybe it’s nostalgia for when people first started? Or not wanting to learn new things? Either way, no! I assure you, things are SOOO much better now. 😄 I wanted to unpack this tweet a bit, because I have strong feelings about it.


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There are lots of “very correct” ways to make your server “very secure.” Most of them rely on paid services, complicated agent-manager topologies, and cool buzzwords like “zero trust”. However, as they say, perfection is the enemy of progress. Many are discouraged by this absolutist approach to server safety, and forget the very basics. Obviously, the expensive and complex solutions exist for a reason, but at the same time a little goes a long way.

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