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One of humanity’s highest achievements involves exploring the cosmos above us, pushing our technology to its limits to perform inspiring feats of science. Here’s a look at the hardware and software that made the grade for the mission — and the special considerations involved for building and maintaining mission-critical operating systems that will run in […]

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Checkouts of digital books from a popular service are up 52% since March.

Digitization was supposed to make things easier, but publishers in every industry use it as a weapon. They decide a digital product isn't sold, it's licensed, so they can take it away whenever they want. Ridiculous DRM isn't going to drive sales. It just drives consumers away from your products.


I’ll be linking to individual Pens as I discuss the lessons I learned, but if you’d like to get a sense of the entire project, check out 60 days of Animation on Undead Institute. I started this project to end on August 1st, 2020, coinciding with the publication of a book I wrote featuring CSS animation, humor, and zombies — because, obviously, zombies will destroy the world if you don’t brandish your web skills and stop the apocalypse. Nothing puts the hurt on the horde like a HTML element on the move!

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