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Bookmarked: BookWyrm is the Federated GoodReads Replacement I Didn’t Know I Needed – We Distribute

Every once in a while, a new platform pops up in the fediverse that legitimately surprises me. As the ecosystem continues to grow and shift and change, new apps emerge with completely new kinds of fuAn overview of BookWyrm, a federated social reading app designed as an alternative to GoodReads.

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Bookmarked: 'Apple and Google seem spooked by bill requiring more app stores and sideloading | Ars Technica'

Bill would make iOS and Android more open to 3rd-party stores and sideloaded apps.

This seems like exactly what I've wanted for a while. Now we have to wait and see if it makes it into law, and how much of it survives. Then,if it passes, we'll have to wait through years of litigation as both of these behemoths try to implement this in the most consumer-unfriendly way possible to defend their respective monopolies.

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Bookmarked: Steam Deck is Valve’s Switch-like portable PC, starting at $399 this December | Ars Technica

Preorders kick off on July 16, but you'll need an older Steam account.

I really hope this does well. I'd love a portable gaming machine without having to deal with Nintendo's hamstringing. And running a Linux-based OS is an added bonus

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