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A few days ago, a friendly face joined the Pine64 Development chat room, where developers meet to talk about creating software for many of Pine64’s more complex consumer products (the PinePhone, PineTab, PineBook, and similar). They had a question that sparked days of debate and research: Is it possible to perform Verified Boot on a PinePhone? The question seemed simple enough. Verified Boot – sometimes called or trademarked Secure Boot – verifies that the owner of a system approved a piece of software to run, or boot, on that system.

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This is pretty cool. Now there's at least one viable alternative phone I can buy if my current one reaches its end-of-life. I'm still holding out hope for the #PinePhone and other #nix based smartphones. Getting a convergent Linux onto smartphones that can serve as a daily driver would be killer. But until then it's great that there's a choice that isn't a giant Silicon Valley silo.

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So I flashed Plasma Mobile Beta 2 to a SD card last night and my #PinePhone successfully booted it. Even running from the SD card, it was way smoother than the Phosh build that came on the phone. Now I have to figure out how to install it to the phone

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