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A couple of months ago, I started to work on my own webmention receiver. Instead of relying on, a service commonly used to receive webmentions, I wanted to challenge myself to create a receiver from scratch. To do so, I realised I would have to read, understand, and interpret a W3C specification, something I had not done up until the point of deciding to work on a webmention receiver. While I knew there would be challenges, I wanted to take control over how I received webmentions and build my own service.

Hopefully, you already received my webmention for this bookmark post and you get another webmention for this update.

IndieWeb development

I recently entertained a question about why I decided to turn what was a search engine for my blog into an IndieWeb Search engine. My motive was not clear until someone shared an article with me written by In this article, explains why they had embarked on a similar journey to build a search engine. Quoting from their article:

IndieWeb tech

A while ago I contributed a patch to <a href="/tags/Prismo" class="hashtag" title="Prismo tag">#Prismo</a> to add <a href="/tags/microformat" class="hashtag" title="microformat tag">microformat</a> support. I'm a super newbie with <a href="/tags/Ruby" class="hashtag" title="Ruby tag">#Ruby</a> , but it was actually pretty easy. I just filed an issue to add support for sending <a href="/tags/webmentions" class="hashtag" title="webmentions tag">#webmentions</a> . So I might take a crack at that and add more <a href="/tags/IndieWeb" class="hashtag" title="IndieWeb tag">#IndieWeb</a> support to Prismo!<br><br> <a href=""></a>

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Dunno if I’m too verbose, but I’m finding 500 characters often not enough for me, specially if I’m writing about an article I’ve read.

Then use more than 500 characters. 500 isn't a magic number. It's more important that you can say everything you want than to fit some arbitrary limit. Plus, that's the magic of the <a href="/tags/IndieWeb" class="hashtag" title="IndieWeb tag">#IndieWeb</a> ; it's your choice and no one else's

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