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Boosted: Rust Foundation - Hello World!

Congrats to the Rust team and Mozilla for this milestone! I wonder if Mozilla could further its mission better by being an incubator instead of trying to develop its own products. They could develop technologies and build them into sustainable foundations. I trust Mozilla to think about the right things when starting a new technology, but I'm not so sure about their expertise to develop end-user products.

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Bookmarked: Pinecone lands $10M seed for purpose-built machine learning database | TechCrunch

Pinecone, a new startup from the folks who helped launch Amazon SageMaker, has built a vector database that generates data in a specialized format to help build machine learning applications faster, something that was previously only accessible to the largest organizations. Today the company came o…

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Bookmarked: lucide-icons/lucide: Simply beautiful open source icons, community-sourced

Simply beautiful open source icons, community-sourced - lucide-icons/lucide

Saving this for later. It's a fork of Feather Icons, which is the icon set I'm using across all my personal projects. I like Feather because its just an SVG file that I can use without any javascript or build step, but is lacking a few obvious icons. Adding other icons seems to be the focus of this fork, so I want to keep an eye on it.