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Bookmarked: 'Keeping science reproducible in a world of custom code and data | Ars Technica'

Computer analysis is now a central part of science.

From what I've read, the reproducibility problem goes even further. A lot of papers, even those not based on datasets/code, aren't followed up on; nobody tries to reproduce them. If researchers focused on reproducing and verifying existing studies, researchers who don't provide their reproduction materials would just become irrelevant.

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Bookmarked: On Writing Documentation // Take on Rules

Once upon a time, I said outloud “If I ever get a tattoo it will say «The Docs Lie».” This was a response to a colleague asking that we collecively should write more documentation.Two years later I wrote Code is a Conversation. At the time, we were working in a highly volatile code-base. I found it draining to even think about taking time to write documentation. Writing documentation, like writing tests, means considering what is the context of what you’re writing.
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