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Why I use server-driven content negotiation for APIs to allow for versioning and allowing different representations of APIs.

Great read! I like the idea at the end of providing different experiences based on the client. I might give that a try on my own site.

I've seen vendor Accept headers before, but never seen any detail on the format. Is the application/vnd.*+json just a convention or is it standardized somewhere?

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there is currently no plan for PWA support in Firefox 😱😥😭

This is really disappointing. One of the main benefits of PWAs was how they could replace the need for native apps in some situations. I thought this was the start of getting rid of Electron apps. I don't understand how Mozilla makes these decisions. 😢😠

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It's really disappointing that a prevailing take on the Cyberpunk fiasco is that gamers need to give developers/publishers a break and stop making a fuss. They want to take away game ownership, make you buy a new platform every few years, make dev teams crunch, etc. But when a game comes out riddled with bugs and people complain about it, they say no software is bug free, learn to live with it or people don't really want refunds, they just like to complain. Gaming journalists/pundits never want t...

They're also so happy when Fortnite rips off another game (which is always a game made by a much smaller team). It pivoted to battle royale when PUBG was getting big, now it's ripping off Among Us and they celebrate its innovation. Epic is using the Facebook strategy for a gaming platform and games pundits are loving it.

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Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! I've been looking up #recipes to use up leftovers, so now I'm working on adding `h-recipe` support to my #MicroPub implementation. Hopefully, I'll have it done by the end of the weekend. As a side note, the way I'm going to display the recipes will put any notes or description I have at the end, because that's how recipes should be shown! The notes will mostly be my comments after having made the recipe and thoughts on how I might change it when making it in the...

I'm including a field in my h-recipe objects called inspired_by so that I can copy #recipes to my site, while still providing original authoring information. Then once it's on my site, I'll add my own notes or changes. Recipes are all about making them your own and using what you have and like. I like the idea of someone posting a recipe and then someone else copying and remixing it.


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Daniel is a Full Stack Engineer who outside work hours is usually found working on side projects or blogging about the Software Engineering world.

Great write up! I had actually just done this on my site, but reading your article made me realize my dates weren't formatted correctly because of Timex. I grabbed your to_rfc822 function and now my feed is validating correctly!

You may want to add some link tags to your html so your feed can be autodiscovered. I found the link to your feed at the bottom of the page, but entering your homepage url into my reader didn't turn up anything.

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Netflix doesn't allow users to sign up on ios, because of the ridiculous IAP requirements and I think Amazon and Spotify do something similar. I hope they do the same on Android. When customers start losing features (on Android) and complaining that they can't sign up for services on their device, it'll look real bad for Google and Apple.

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