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Thanks for writing up this proposal! I really like your idea that Javascript APIs should have a declarative counterpart. It seems obvious in retrospect that the web share API needs a simpler, declarative form that can cover the most common use case.

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I like that they're shorter, using one style means I don't have to think about the differences between the two, and arrow functions emphasizes that functions are just variables.

Also, your two examples aren't exactly equivalent. The arrow functions has an implicit return, so it returns whatever `stuff()` returns. The `function` based function has no return value.

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I have these exact same thoughts when listening to these discussions. The discussions keep coming up and the pundits keeps saying the same thing. They don't try the alternatives with any earnestness. They expect to come to these new, smaller networks and have the immediate experience they had on the siloed networks.

They talk about the glory days of Twitter, when it was new and everyone was friendly and reveling in the new social experience and originating practices like at-mentions, hashtags, etc, but they're not willing to do that again.