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I really like the look of your site in dark mode. The code blocks are my favorite part. Nice job!

What's this declaration do?

:root {
    color-scheme: light dark;

Searching for color-scheme on MDN just points me to the @prefers-color-scheme declaration. Is it manually specifying the default color scheme that should be applied if the user doesn't have a preference set?

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Great read! I like the idea at the end of providing different experiences based on the client. I might give that a try on my own site.

I've seen vendor Accept headers before, but never seen any detail on the format. Is the application/vnd.*+json just a convention or is it standardized somewhere?

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This is really disappointing. One of the main benefits of PWAs was how they could replace the need for native apps in some situations. I thought this was the start of getting rid of Electron apps. I don't understand how Mozilla makes these decisions. 😢😠

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They're also so happy when Fortnite rips off another game (which is always a game made by a much smaller team). It pivoted to battle royale when PUBG was getting big, now it's ripping off Among Us and they celebrate its innovation. Epic is using the Facebook strategy for a gaming platform and games pundits are loving it.

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I'm including a field in my h-recipe objects called inspired_by so that I can copy #recipes to my site, while still providing original authoring information. Then once it's on my site, I'll add my own notes or changes. Recipes are all about making them your own and using what you have and like. I like the idea of someone posting a recipe and then someone else copying and remixing it.