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Wow. The #Rust team is killing it. I just ran `cargo clippy` and it issued a bunch of warnings for my code and explained exactly how to fix them. Apparently, there's also `cargo fix` which will apply most of those fixes automatically. The clippy tool is a great way for beginners to learn Rust, since it has pretty clear explanations. It's also nice to see that most of the warnings are from the the beginning of the project and I've learned better since then.


🎉 #Booth has likes/boosts now. Eventually, I want to fetch the h-card of the target and display that on my post, but for now it just shows the link.


I enjoyed this episode of Fullstack Radio. The host and guest discussed developers' tendency to over-engineer projects or try to plan too much upfront vs building a minimum viable product and iterating on it.

It's something that has frustrated be at work before. With #Booth, I'm going the MVP route. It's much easier to build something small and add to it than trying to see the future. And its more fun having a prototype to hack on.

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Sweet! That seemed to work. The new code is a lot cleaner, but still could use some work.