I know when people spend years making something artistic, they pour themselves into it and want it to succeed regardless of how they feel about the process. So, it's kind of sad that the ruined launch is a depressing finale to years of hard work for the team, but I wonder if game publishers/developers will finally realize that crunch doesn't work.



Ugh, #Mozilla rolled out their new docs platform and I'm not a fan. I'm getting a mobile view on a window that's 1090px wide, which is ridiculous. And there's still no dark mode and you have to use Github to interact with it. This is a big regression. Their website says they want to "support a healthy internet" and you don't do that by forcing people onto a centralized platform and making harder to use the main source of documentation for web standards.


I hate when I see a #webdev post and it links to Demos should link to MDN, which is the industry standard documentation site that uses a browser agnostic view of standards. documents Chromium-specific APIs as if they're part of the web, with no indication of that. If you're a web developer writing a blog post, link to the independent documentation, not the Google-owned site.


Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! I've been looking up #recipes to use up leftovers, so now I'm working on adding h-recipe support to my #MicroPub implementation. Hopefully, I'll have it done by the end of the weekend.

As a side note, the way I'm going to display the recipes will put any notes or description I have at the end, because that's how recipes should be shown! The notes will mostly be my comments after having made the recipe and thoughts on how I might change it when making it in the future. If you find that valuable, it'll be there for you, but the recipe is the main content.

MicroPub recipes

#Google offered free photo storage when they wanted huge datasets for their machine learning algorithms. Now that they have those huge datasets and dominate the market, they're adding limits.

Classic Silicon Valley move to trap users. When tech companies offer "deals", it's never for the user's benefit.


It's pretty disappointing #Mozilla chose to use Github for their new MDN platform. I wish they had gone with GitLab, or better yet, hosted their own git system. Using a self-hosted system would have aligned with their values better and they could modify it to use Firefox accounts for login.


Amazon and Microsoft releasing their game streaming services on ios as PWAs is a big step forward. If they can make those work well, maybe other developers will take it as a sign that they don't have to deal with Apples onerous rules either.

webdev PWA

I've had an Nvidia Shield for around five years now and I've gotten more and more disappointed with the platform over the years. This latest "update" might get me to abandon the platform altogether. When I jumped in on Android TV, Google didn't control Android as tightly. But now they want to control every part of it, and keep pushing their services over user choice.

I'm confused by podcast networks with an All Shows feed. I can't keep up with the amount of shows I listen to now. I can't imagine trying to follow every show in a network

Epic launched the Epic Games Store on PC, they tried to launch Fortnite on Android independently, and they're in two lawsuits about mobile store payments. I wonder why they didn't port their store to Android when releasing Fortnite. I think it would have made the Fortnite release less of a debacle and they could have built up a presence on Android to actually compete with Google. I hope they win the case against Apple, but the case against Google doesn't hold up, to me.

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