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Sweet! That seemed to work. The new code is a lot cleaner, but still could use some work.

I rewrote my implementation of the post type discovery algorithm, so this is just a <a href="/tags/test" class="hashtag" title="test tag">#test</a> to see if it works.


I need to fix the timestamps on my posts. They're in twenty four hour format and four hours ahead of EST

I tested the <a href="/tags/Together" class="hashtag" title="Together tag">#Together</a> app against my site and it didn't work. That's almost certainly an issue with my <a href="/tags/MicroPub" class="hashtag" title="MicroPub tag">#MicroPub</a> implementation. I only just finished basic support so it's still missing a lot. When I'm at a computer tomorrow, I'll inspect the payload it's sending and fix my site.

Together MicroPub

Super Long Article

This is a super long article. It was generated by a Lorem Ipsum generator at <a href=""></a> and is 20 paragraphs long. It'll be a good test for a progress bar.

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test longform
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