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This is really disappointing. One of the main benefits of PWAs was how they could replace the need for native apps in some situations. I thought this was the start of getting rid of Electron apps. I don't understand how Mozilla makes these decisions. 😢😠

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They're also so happy when Fortnite rips off another game (which is always a game made by a much smaller team). It pivoted to battle royale when PUBG was getting big, now it's ripping off Among Us and they celebrate its innovation. Epic is using the Facebook strategy for a gaming platform and games pundits are loving it.

It's really disappointing that a prevailing take on the Cyberpunk fiasco is that gamers need to give developers/publishers a break and stop making a fuss. They want to take away game ownership, make you buy a new platform every few years, make dev teams crunch, etc. But when a game comes out riddled with bugs and people complain about it, they say no software is bug free, learn to live with it or people don't really want refunds, they just like to complain. Gaming journalists/pundits never want to hold publishers or developers accountable.


I'm starting The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi. I really liked his Old Man's War series, so I'm looking forward to this one. I'm on chapter two and getting some Dune vibes with an interplanetary empire controlled by a balance of political and religious parties and mercantile houses in a feudal system.


I know when people spend years making something artistic, they pour themselves into it and want it to succeed regardless of how they feel about the process. So, it's kind of sad that the ruined launch is a depressing finale to years of hard work for the team, but I wonder if game publishers/developers will finally realize that crunch doesn't work.



Bookmarked: lucide-icons/lucide: Simply beautiful open source icons, community-sourced

Simply beautiful open source icons, community-sourced - lucide-icons/lucide

Saving this for later. It's a fork of Feather Icons, which is the icon set I'm using across all my personal projects. I like Feather because its just an SVG file that I can use without any javascript or build step, but is lacking a few obvious icons. Adding other icons seems to be the focus of this fork, so I want to keep an eye on it.


Bookmarked: EU warns that it may break up Big Tech companies | Ars Technica

Repeat offenses under new rules will trigger action to force divestments.

I don't think breaking companies up is the way to go, but at least Europe is doing something, I guess. I'm more in favor of what the MEP quoted in the article, Paul Tang, said. Go after their business model; restrict what they're allowed to do. That curtails the current giants and prevents future companies from becoming an issue

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