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Epic changed its mind about keeping Fortnite off of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

I think Apple's policies are indefensible and hugely anti-competitive, so on one hand, I like that this sort of sticks it to them. But on the other hand, they'll use this as justification for how they're not anti-competitive despite being based on technology Microsoft has nearly a decade of experience in and spent millions of dollars building. This isn't a solution for every developer and forces them to rely on a different platform holder anyway.

I also don't like that this was an exception made just for Epic. Microsoft says they want to do this more, but starting with Epic feels very backroom deal. I'm hopeful, though, that Microsoft will expand this policy to all free-to-play games. Allowing consumers to stream these free-to-play games is very consumer friendly and gets them in the door to see how good Game Pass is.


There’s a huge outcry on Twitter: the most important public forum is in grave danger, and so are free speech and civil society. Yet nobody seems to understand that evil Musk buying Twitter is not the problem here. The problem – obviously! – is the fact that the most important public forum, the source of free speech, and the beacon of civil society happens to be a centralized privately-owned closed platform.

The systematic thinking in our industry is that settings are the result of design failure. As designers, our goal is to create product experiences that don’t require any adjustment by the user. So offering customization options is often seen as a failure to make firm product decisions. I think there is a misunderstanding about what settings really are.


I'm curious what, if any, types of websites you actually want and allow browser notifications from. I feel like there's a good use case for them, but it's certainly not being notified of news articles or new recipes.

I'd love to add push support to my social reader. Getting notifications for webmentions would be really nice. Sites where you kick off some kind of job/process could notify you about changes in status, sites for delivery tracking could notify you about status updates.

And I assume the user is always in control so they can determine which notifications they receive and the priority of each type of notification.

Cloudy days pose a real problem for solar panels. But a new innovation can convert UV light to energy—even if the sun isn’t shining.

Whoa. This looks like a super cool technology. It's made out of vegetable waste, enables collecting solar energy even when not in direct sunlight, and the panels are flexible so they can be integrated in more than just flat windows. I'm really excited about these and how they could enable easy solar energy.

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