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Dunno if I’m too verbose, but I’m finding 500 characters often not enough for me, specially if I’m writing about an article I’ve read.

Then use more than 500 characters. 500 isn't a magic number. It's more important that you can say everything you want than to fit some arbitrary limit. Plus, that's the magic of the <a href="/tags/IndieWeb" class="hashtag" title="IndieWeb tag">#IndieWeb</a> ; it's your choice and no one else's


Into the SpiderVerse was an amazing movie. Great story, cool storytelling elements, great use of music. That movie is so full of artistry. 👌🏆🎥

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I thought that part of the point of this is that you can't tell who (or where) just when and which bits of the podcast.

This is promising. Like you said, podcasting is one of the last decentralized media. This proposal could be a way for podcasters to build a business independently and prevent podcasting from sliding further towards centralization.<br><br>And this is a critical time for podcasts. More people than ever are listening, but the big silos are also paying more attention. I think, by default, media moves towards centralization so stalling that before it's gone too far is important. It's easier to stop the slide than turn it around as we're seeing with the rest of the web

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