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Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! I've been looking up #recipes to use up leftovers, so now I'm working on adding h-recipe support to my #MicroPub implementation. Hopefully, I'll have it done by the end of the weekend.

As a side note, the way I'm going to display the recipes will put any notes or description I have at the end, because that's how recipes should be shown! The notes will mostly be my comments after having made the recipe and thoughts on how I might change it when making it in the future. If you find that valuable, it'll be there for you, but the recipe is the main content.

MicroPub recipes

#Google offered free photo storage when they wanted huge datasets for their machine learning algorithms. Now that they have those huge datasets and dominate the market, they're adding limits.

Classic Silicon Valley move to trap users. When tech companies offer "deals", it's never for the user's benefit.


It's pretty disappointing #Mozilla chose to use Github for their new MDN platform. I wish they had gone with GitLab, or better yet, hosted their own git system. Using a self-hosted system would have aligned with their values better and they could modify it to use Firefox accounts for login.


Atlanta rapper Killer Mike recently launched a digital bank to serve communities of color. He explains why he started the bank and why Black banks are so important in closing the racial wealth gap.

I'm optimistic about this. Mike sums it up in the episode, but wealth accumulation is extremely hard for black and brown people. Atlanta is one of the blackest places in the country, so that seems like a good place to start.

Here's my referral link,, or request access for yourself here:

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