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I like that they're shorter, using one style means I don't have to think about the differences between the two, and arrow functions emphasizes that functions are just variables.

Also, your two examples aren't exactly equivalent. The arrow functions has an implicit return, so it returns whatever `stuff()` returns. The `function` based function has no return value.

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I have these exact same thoughts when listening to these discussions. The discussions keep coming up and the pundits keeps saying the same thing. They don't try the alternatives with any earnestness. They expect to come to these new, smaller networks and have the immediate experience they had on the siloed networks.

They talk about the glory days of Twitter, when it was new and everyone was friendly and reveling in the new social experience and originating practices like at-mentions, hashtags, etc, but they're not willing to do that again.

I've made more #accessibility tweaks. My scroll to top button now defers to the prefers-reduced-motion media query for its scroll behavior. I removed some unnecessary landmark elements and added some where they were missing; that should make screen reader navigation easier.


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I made some small tweaks to my site to improve its #accessibility . I added a hidden skip link that is the first focusable element on the page and my scroll-to-top button now resets focus to the top of the page. These are small changes that make non-mouse navigation easier but don't change anything for mouse users.


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Into the SpiderVerse was an amazing movie. Great story, cool storytelling elements, great use of music. That movie is so full of artistry. 👌🏆🎥

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This is promising. Like you said, podcasting is one of the last decentralized media. This proposal could be a way for podcasters to build a business independently and prevent podcasting from sliding further towards centralization.

And this is a critical time for podcasts. More people than ever are listening, but the big silos are also paying more attention. I think, by default, media moves towards centralization so stalling that before it's gone too far is important. It's easier to stop the slide than turn it around as we're seeing with the rest of the web

Here are all the links on for easy testing. #test


Wow. The #Rust team is killing it. I just ran `cargo clippy` and it issued a bunch of warnings for my code and explained exactly how to fix them. Apparently, there's also `cargo fix` which will apply most of those fixes automatically. The clippy tool is a great way for beginners to learn Rust, since it has pretty clear explanations. It's also nice to see that most of the warnings are from the the beginning of the project and I've learned better since then.


🎉 #Booth has likes/boosts now. Eventually, I want to fetch the h-card of the target and display that on my post, but for now it just shows the link.


I enjoyed this episode of Fullstack Radio. The host and guest discussed developers' tendency to over-engineer projects or try to plan too much upfront vs building a minimum viable product and iterating on it.

It's something that has frustrated be at work before. With #Booth, I'm going the MVP route. It's much easier to build something small and add to it than trying to see the future. And its more fun having a prototype to hack on.

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Sweet! That seemed to work. The new code is a lot cleaner, but still could use some work.

I need to fix the timestamps on my posts. They're in twenty four hour format and four hours ahead of EST

I tested the #Together app against my site and it didn't work. That's almost certainly an issue with my #MicroPub implementation. I only just finished basic support so it's still missing a lot. When I'm at a computer tomorrow, I'll inspect the payload it's sending and fix my site.

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