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Bookmarked: 'Keeping science reproducible in a world of custom code and data | Ars Technica'

Computer analysis is now a central part of science.

From what I've read, the reproducibility problem goes even further. A lot of papers, even those not based on datasets/code, aren't followed up on; nobody tries to reproduce them. If researchers focused on reproducing and verifying existing studies, researchers who don't provide their reproduction materials would just become irrelevant.

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Bookmarked: 'US Copyright Office says you can fix a game console (but only the optical drive) | Ars Technica'

New DMCA exemption also lets users fix other types of software-enabled devices.

This is a good step, but I don't like how limited it is. Especially since they called out how other types of repairs are still illegal, and they parroted industry claims that device repair is tied to piracy.

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Bookmarked: Copyleft Compliance Projects - Software Freedom Conservancy

The Software Freedom Conservancy provides a non-profit home and services to Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects.

Glad to see this. Companies shouldn't be able to avoid copyleft obligations. Licensing applies to everyone, not just the little people they want to use it against.

The SFC isn't even looking for damages, they just want the current rules enforced.

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Bookmarked: US Senate Finance Committee Presses Publishers on Library Ebook Contracts

The US Senate Finance Committee presses Big Five publishers for transparency on ebook licensing.

I'm glad this is being looked into, but I'm not sure what this committee can do. Platform exclusivity sucks, but it's perfectly legal. Same with the ridiculous licensing restrictions. I'd love to see special protections for ebooks, and all digital media, but unfortunately I can't see that happening.


Bookmarked: 'Was it easier to build websites a decade ago? | Go Make Things'

This week, Tim McNamara tweeted: Why is it harder to make a website in 2021 than it was in 1996? I mean, writing your own HTML in Notepad and uploading it via FTP was a chore. But it was understandable and easy. If you want to create a fanpage of some obscure topic, everything is just … too much. So instead, people will create an Instagram/TikTok/Facebook/etc and start posting there.

Super agree. Modern web development is built to help companies build large applications. You don't have to use those same tools for personal or smaller sites.

The platform has gotten better over the years and tooling use gotten more complex. That's why use the platform is the approach I prefer.


Bookmarked: PS4 consoles will still be playable long after PSN has died, thanks to this major update | Ars Technica

The console's system-bricking CMOS issue is no more. Will the PS3 be next?

While it's good that the issue is fixed for PS4 consoles, something more needs to be done. Manufacturers shouldn't be able to make their systems reliant on an online service and then discontinue that service. Forced obsolescence is extremely anti-consumer

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Bookmarked: 'Apple and Google seem spooked by bill requiring more app stores and sideloading | Ars Technica'

Bill would make iOS and Android more open to 3rd-party stores and sideloaded apps.

This seems like exactly what I've wanted for a while. Now we have to wait and see if it makes it into law, and how much of it survives. Then,if it passes, we'll have to wait through years of litigation as both of these behemoths try to implement this in the most consumer-unfriendly way possible to defend their respective monopolies.

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